Depends on how busy we are at the time of drop off and time of the year (peak season being just after winter), it can vary from the following day or up to 3 weeks for refinishing a set of wheels. It is ideal to bring in your summer wheels during the winter and vice versa.
This can usually be done for the following: Bends, cracks and minor touch ups. An appointment is a must prior to drop off. Appointments must be booked 3 days in advance and the drop off can be no later than 11AM. It can take up to 1 hour or the entire day. Depending on the work that needs to be done on the rim.
Possible with appointments only. There will be extra charge that is involved in taking the wheels off the car and/or for storage for 2-3 nights (in case of refinishing).
Yes, we can. The straightening process does leave tool marks. If the wheel is bent on the face, the chrome finish will be imprinted and cosmetically nothing can be done about it.
No, unfortunately. You must send it down to the States.
Here at Union Rim Repair, we do not cut corners and quality comes first. The proper way to powder coat a piece is to bring it down to its raw substrate, sandblast it and then coat it. To strip chrome wheels, it is very expensive and the total cost is usually not worth it. On average a set of chrome wheels will cost about $900 - $1100
Yes, we specialize in re-building 2 and 3 piece wheels. That includes re-sealing as well.
For welding, we give 6 month warranty on the crack itself, and 1 year on refinishing, for flaking, peeling etc.

For further informaton on our inventory, check our rims collection on Kijiji